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Connecting luxury brands with Social Media users

The luxury industry has always been a slow-mover when it comes to all-things-digital.

In such a traditionalist industry its hard to implement the most innovative and new ways of transmitting the core values to the final consumer thru the internet, at least this is how they think.

Luxury has always been attached to the "exclusivity" term, a hard-to-get product or service that would create a need on all those who couldn't possess it easily or immediately. Entering the digital world, a world open to all indiviudals who want to share and be present on is commonly seen as an attack to their brand DNA, opening the doors to all social classes even if only by posting images, the situation of only knowing the brand always created a feeling of banalization throughout the brands.

I guess they think it's like opening the doors of your 911 Porsche Carrera from 96 and letting everybody enter and try the seats...

The truth is that is better to have more people know it and desire it. For certain niche brands (the most worried ones) this shouldn't cause fear because there's only a few searching and taking interest on them, that's why they're niche. So why should I fear a person that can't buy my watch, that will probably generate a need amongst their peers but probably not too much due to their peers not knowing such niche brands and only caring about the big ones? As you can see it's almost a self-controlled situation that can be assured by a good digital presence management and consistency.

What should create fear is not the entry in the digital and social world but what and how you're going to act on it.

You'll need to create and transmit your brand identity and personality thru image, video, and audio while at the same time maintaining a consistent level that respects your brand DNA.

You'll also need to create a consistent and real public based on real people with real engagement. Because you can have the best of contents and photographers working for you, but if you don't have an audience to see it and absorb it why the effort?

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