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The fight for customization with less general options

Atualizado: 10 de Out de 2018

As the audiences evolve so its needs do so. This means every company has to constantly search for new ways to answer to this ever-evolving aspects of their markets.

We are currently seeing a major redefinition of what brands are offering in low-mid tier markets such as premium clothing ore even groceries/markets.

Not only in their products but on the amount of effort they put into correctly answering each client necessity/needs, this means consumers are starting to have needs of services like those we always did/performed on luxury segments.

Needs like having less generalized options but more options totally focused on what they search for.

Let's be honest, we are lazy beings, and this means we are constantly seeking for the path of less effort.

We once wanted as much options as we could have, and companies like Facebook offered us exactly that with the marketplace, news, weather, games, groups, etc..

We're now becoming more selective preferring app and services that are totally dedicated to what we seek and hope to accomplish.

“Segmentation may lead to a new way of establishing profitable services/products but after a while you'll need to unfragment your segment with lateral marketing strategies”

Should we consider combining multiple markets but also maintaining a focused strategy on our segments? And can we do that?

The continuous search for segmentation

A lateral marketing strategy isn't totally dedicated to a single step of your strategy, it can be applied/used in steps like experience, location, product specifications and so on in panoply of other processes.

This would serve as a methodology for creating the base of a strategy guided towards this emerging need.

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